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News is under heavy attack, aboard and quite a lot of disgusting fake news everywhere in Nigeria, one of the major things that informed our quest to come on board.

With the creation of all kinds of media vendors in the country, we thought it wise to come up  with something completely different to change the views, especially around the Eastern  region, to help promote peace and unity via availability of unadulterated, reliable news, while  leveraging on the already existing market of people in search of genuine news content.

We deploy global best practices in media practice, not neglecting the Nigerian uniqueness and  open to improvements.

However, as a result of the growing concern in the security architecture  of our nation Nigeria especially among the vulnerable communities in which the east have become potentially sinister to the target.

Consequent upon this, we deemed it wise to make hay while the sunshine.

Thus, it became necessary and expedient to establish a robust and organized media firm to help in fastening security via the use of genuine news from a more reliable source around the  Eastern region, so that while they speculate, we rush to the scene to bring you news.

Investigative journalism being the bane of our country.

DominionTimes.com is fashioned with modern media apparatus and established to change the  narrative on new media reporting, aimed at enlightening the people through genuine news.

We are also here to help find the missing link in our reportage.

We are aligned with the contemporary principles involved in media practice.

Our work is outstanding and indeed commendable.

We create room for constant improvement, since there is no perfect media agency anywhere in the world. We are also promising not to relent until we achieve distinction in this noble vision.

On this note, we want to ensure our audience have access to undiluted,unadulterated fair and balanced factual genuine news that  they look out for at all time. We are genuine, available, reliable and consistent.


Is a way, not just a media outfit, aims to connect and balance information with modern day  ideas embedded with investigative journalism.  It is imperative to inform our audience that dominiontimes.com is fashioned in accordance with global best  practice. And that we are committed and dedicated to our vision of ensuring that our brands are in tune with the highest standard.  


Our fundamental Mission is for everyone to get undiluted, unadulterated genuine,balanced and correct version of the  news, to bring you quality news as they break. Also to inspire and encourage people to realize their role in the spread of  genuine news. We aim to achieve this by providing our audience with outstanding media content,  hence delighting them by keeping them informed.. We will also play our part to contribute to the security, economy and lend our expertise in reporting to enhance the quality of news people access.


We aim to be the leading media brand through  search and sustenance of investigative  report age activities and excellent service.
We want to achieve sustainable growth and be a socially responsible media brand, that  conducts our reporting with fairness, unadulterated, integrity and balanced news.

We also strive to be a respected member in our ambience where our audience, employees and partners take pride in associating with us.

At the heart of genuine news is our vision. To lead the way in modern day journalism, we create  excellent partnerships for our audience and leave legacies we are proud of.

We also strive to deliver a partnership with our audience that builds trust and confidence through expert coverage and guidance.

We will equally be proud to deliver our service without compromising our relationships.

Going further, we hope to be the preferred news brand.  

While striving to be people of integrity, honesty and trust, so that our medium continues as a valuable asset.

We also put value in our ethical standards, passion for work, commitment to the field, and in  striving for continual brand growth.

In no distant time we will become an icon in the media industry.

Our passion for quality and accurate news gathering is equal to none.

…Gurus in Eastern Nigeria News!!!


Your happiness, our news…you deserve to know.


Unadulterated, undiluted news reporting that focuses on responses anchored in credible  evidence, to present our audience with a truer, more complete and correct views/versions of the issues, helping to drive more effective and better citizenship.

To remain the leading light, so as to continuously increase the information consciousness in  and around the east…Always shaping views for a peaceful and high ethical society that we all  wished for. We tell your stories better.

DominionTimes…the latest tabloid.  

Dominion the Dim in news…east of the Niger

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